Deep Learning-Based Classification of Black Gram Plant Leaf Diseases: A Comparative Study




Black Gram Plant Leaf Diseases, Disease classification, Agricultural sector, Food security, Deep Learning, Crop disease recognition


The escalating incidence of plant diseases presents considerable obstacles to the agricultural domain, resulting in substantial reductions in crop yield and posing a threat to food security. To address the pressing concern of Black Gram Plant Leaf Diseases (BPLD), this research endeavors to tackle disease classification through the application of a deep learning methodology. The approach leverages a comprehensive dataset that encompasses Anthracnose, Leaf Crinkle, Powdery Mildew, and Yellow Mosaic diseases, all of which affect the black gram crop. By employing this advanced technique, we aim to contribute valuable insights to combat BPLD effectively. Our research applies deep learning models, including Darknet-53, ResNet-101, GoogLeNet, and EfficientNet-B0, to classify plant diseases. Darknet-53 achieved 98.51% accuracy, followed by ResNet-101 (97.51%), GoogLeNet (96.52%), and EfficientNet-B0 (77.61%). These findings demonstrate the potential of deep learning for accurate disease identification, benefiting agriculture. The study provides a comparative analysis of deep learning models for Black Gram Plant Leaf Disease (BPLD) classification, revealing Darknet-53 and ResNet-101 as superior performers. Implementing these models in real-world agricultural scenarios holds promise for early disease detection and intervention, reducing potential crop losses. The high accuracy achieved signifies significant progress in automating disease recognition, benefiting the agricultural sector.

Author Biographies

Elham Tahsin YASIN , Selcuk University

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Comp. Engineering, Selcuk University, TÜRKİYE

Ramazan KURSUN, Selcuk University

Guneysinir Vocational School, Selcuk University, Guneysinir, TÜRKİYE




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YASIN , E. T., KURSUN, R., & KOKLU, M. (2023). Deep Learning-Based Classification of Black Gram Plant Leaf Diseases: A Comparative Study . Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies, 11, 1–8.