Toward Competent City Management using Multi-agent System (MAS)


  • Alaa Odeh Mrs
  • Rashid Jayousi Prof.
  • Amjad Ratrot



multi-agent system, Petri nets, CPN tools


multi-agent system plays a crucial role in many aspects of life. This refers to its ability to provide scalable and flexible solutions to complex problems. One of these problems is the management of resources in different cities around the world. In this study, we have used the multi-agent system concepts to build competent city resources management. Because of the time and software complexity that arises from implementing the whole system, we chose to implement one city entity, the energy entity. Petri net is used to model the system mathematically. At the same time, we used CPN tools software to simulate the system behaviour in real life. The mathematical model and simulation results proved that the designed energy MAS would achieve its goals when applied in real life. In the future, we intend to complete the construction of the whole system for better resource management of all entities in the city




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Odeh, A., Jayousi , R., & Ratrot, A. (2023). Toward Competent City Management using Multi-agent System (MAS). Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies, 11, 177–188.