The Double Skin Façade Mechanical Systems as Ad-anced Building Technologies


  • Massimiliano Nastri Politecnico di Milano



Double skin façades, Environmental and energy sustainability, Interaction and perceptive mediation, Technical skins


The double-wall façades (or “double skin façades”) are determined as building mechanical and engineered systems realized by the cavity between the inner curtain and the outer screen, for thermal and acoustic insulation, for ventilation and for the insertion of functional devices (such as sunscreens) and, also, plant ducts. The cavity between the two enclosures constitutes a ventilated cavity that can be used according to certain modes of functioning (passive or active type) aimed at controlling external climatic and environmental stresses in order to regulate the conditions of the interior spaces. The double envelope system is realized as an apparatus of mediation and reaction towards environmental loads, according to the needs of well-being and reduction of energy consumption. In general, the system offers the functioning in the form of a passive solar system, assuming the use and accumulation of solar radiation for the regulation of indoor thermal comfort conditions, and the functioning for the capture and input of air flows. The calibration of solar radiation is integrated with the use of shading devices in order to achieve diffuse lighting conditions in interior spaces. In addition, the application of the double glass surface reduces thermal losses from the interior spaces by reducing the speed of the airflow in contact with the inner curtain, increasing thermal insulation. The system foresees that the ventilated cavity performs various integrated functions (for the definition of complex mechanisms of dynamic interaction with the external climatic conditions), both permanent (e.g. for the increase of thermal inertia and acoustic insulation relative to the internal curtain) and temporary (e.g. for the cooling of the same spaces during periods of high temperature).




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Nastri, M. (2023). The Double Skin Façade Mechanical Systems as Ad-anced Building Technologies. Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies, 11, 77–88.