MPPT String Arrangement and Production Improvements in String Inverters




Efficiency, Electrical energy, MPPT string cable, String inverters


Today, as the demand for electrical energy increases, the demand for renewable energy, which is a clean energy source, continues to increase. Solar inverters used in solar power plants are devices that convert DC power to AC.  Solar inverters are divided into three groups as central inverter, micro inverter and string inverter. String inverter model is used in this study. It has been determined that as a result of incorrectly connecting the string cables during installation and workmanship in the string inverter, the solar inverter does not work at full capacity and full efficiency cannot be obtained at its output.  A problem experienced during the connection and installation phase causes inefficiency in the system and inability to get full efficiency from the inverter. For this reason, in this study, MPPT string cable arrangement, which is connected incorrectly in a string inverter, has been carried out and the production has been increased to 96.72 kW.




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Bakır, H. (2023). MPPT String Arrangement and Production Improvements in String Inverters. Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies, 11, 68–70.